Win an Oscar: Get Dermal Fillers

When an actor wants to win an Oscar, they change themselves. It’s like lazy Oscar shorthand. Lose a load of weight, put on a load of weight, cut your hair, cut…other stuff, and act like a total creep, calling it ‘method acting’. Bam, success for you. I personally don’t like the concept of method acting at all. Like, if you’re acting, you’re pretending to be another person. People who are good at that are good actors; method acting is a crutch.

But that’s just my opinion as a filmmaker, not an actor. I wouldn’t have a problem with some physical changes to increase the immersion. I was recently involved (not running) in a film project, where I was put in charge of costuming for…some reason. Somebody had to do it. They’d called in a Melbourne laser hair removal person, because it was some serious, dark exploration of nuclear fallout and they wanted a person to lose all their hair. You just can’t achieve something like that by shaving; it had to be done with lasers. I just stepped aside and let the hair removal person do their thing with the actor, and it seemed to work.

Cosmetic surgeries nowadays seem to be getting more and more permanent, which I guess is great for some people. If you want your eyebrows done, have them cosmetically tattooed. Don’t have to worry about it for a while. I do wonder what it means for people in movies who are told they have to change to get a part. Like, people will do anything to smash into the business. Like, your mouth isn’t quite the right shape? There’s a solution for that: dermal fillers. Melbourne will set you up with those. See, this is why I like to be behind the camera most of the time…acting is just extreme. Whereas if you’re filming you don’t have to say anything, and you can wear whatever hats you like.