The Candid Nature of Design

They say the greatest orators can read the telephone book and make it sound interesting. I’m pretty sure I’ll never, ever be on the front of the camera- not my place, never was- but I like to think I can translate that skill to my filmmaking. I might have mentioned it before, but I’d like to be able to film…like, a an office chair. Just a solitary chair, for three hours, and make it interesting using nothing but cinematography.

Don’t think anyone’s ever done that, but maybe I can be the first. ‘The Chair: A Study of Human Attention and Subtle Beauty’. Yeah, that sounds pretty good. Very bad, but also good if I ever had the skill to pull it off.

As it is, I think I need to keep finding subjects that are…well, not ‘boring’, but not exactly action movie explosion grade. Everybody finds something interesting, I guess, which is why live-streaming is so popular at the moment. Everyone trying to be the best at something or other and make it entertaining. Maybe I could make a living from it. Find someone who does, like…office fitouts. Melbourne could be our oyster. We film all the good stuff, mix in some drama and there you have a perfect TV show out of it already.

Ah, who am I kidding? I’d never go for reality TV. The quality of the stuff on TV right now is awful and not a world I want to see myself getting involved in. Plus I’d be dragging some poor office designers into that scheme, and I always feel sorry for people who have their businesses dragged into that sort of thing, and suddenly everything is on show.

Even fly-on-the-wall documentaries are artificial by nature. I guess that’s the greatest challenge for filmmakers: to capture the candid.  

So I just have to disguise myself as a chair…and film some commercial fitout people in Melbourne, without their knowledge.

Scratch that, terrible idea.