Don’t Ask Me to Film Your Wedding

wedding videoAs soon as you make it vaguely known that you have a camera, people start making requests like you wouldn’t believe.

‘Could you come and film my daughter’s sixth birthday party?’ I don’t know your daughter, that would be pointless and she’s not going to remember it anyway. Also, the whole ‘amateur home video’ feel just really works best for home videos, don’t you think?

‘Can you make a video promoting my dance troupe? We meet in Drouin’. Um, no.

‘Could you film our wedding??’ Oh boy, I get this a lot, so I might as well say it here: I don’t do wedding videography. Melbourne has plenty of people who’ll happily do that for you, but since I’m not registered as a business, I can’t be paid for it. Oh, and I’d need to be paid. It’s a passion, but people just don’t grasp the magnitude of filming a wedding. There’s pre-planning, meetings and the rehearsal. You have to show up early, be constantly vigilant for anything that might be happening. You have to go along to the reception and mostly not eat any food, which videoing people doing that. You have to speeches from people you neither know nor care about, and sometimes they’re terrible.  And then, once that very long day is over, you have to go and edit every single hour of footage, painstakingly crafting it into something that you hope the happy couple will enjoy. And then sometimes, they don’t!

You expect me to do that without getting paid? I’m sorry, this isn’t me being cold; it’s just practical. You wouldn’t ask a friend to do that mountain of work, so don’t go asking me. I really hate saying no as well…but I know people in Melbourne that do wedding video, they’re good at it…and in fact I can point you to multiple companies, so you have an option. And yes, you might have to pay them something for their time. That’s really how business works, sadly.